In 1929, Ednor Gardens was advertised as "the favorite residential suburb for those who appreciate comfort, beauty and modern conveniences." Ednor Gardens and Lakeside continues to offer its residents these qualities. A quiet green enclave with easy access to downtown, homes in our neighborhood are among the best values in Baltimore City. Read more about its history.

Ednor Gardens-Lakeside is a neighborhood of great architectural diversity. The homes in our community range from large single family homes to semi-detached and townhouses in a number of different styles. The architectural styles range from individual homes built in the Georgian style, Spanish influence and Brick Saltboxes, to several styles of semi-detached homes and a number of row homes built in English Tudor, French Norman and more traditional styles. Read about neighborhood architecture and historic preservation.

For the first time in fifty years, Ednor Gardens-Lakeside and surrounding neighborhoods are sleepy and quiet- no longer echoing with the cheers of sports fans from the now razed Memorial Stadium. With Memorial Stadium gone, the tightly woven streets, white sun porches and dainty yards of Ednor Gardens and Lakeside are now the center of attention in this northeastern neighborhood. Some of the best deals on Baltimore City homes can be found along these streets that formerly provided a charming backdrop for fans streaming to O's and Colts games.

A majority of our homes are owner-occupied, evidence of our belief in the value, stability and affordability of the area. Our community is a healthy mix of both family and single owners with a variety of lifestyles.

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  • 1502 Fernley Road,
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